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At a time when the word of order is savings it is essential to look (and look again) at our cost structure and see where it is possible to cut. The experience tells us that many people say at the outset that they can not save, although it is essential to know where they spend their money to be able to say it with certainty.

In this article we will focus our attention on the reduction of telecommunication costs. We do not want to return to the theme of tricks and savings tips that are already very beaten. We will talk about the renegotiation with your operator and the most aggressive operator on the market today.

How to Renegotiate

How to Renegotiate

At Lady Augusta Bracknell we are experts in the field of credit renegotiation. We see in our experience that institutions are open to negotiation with their clients. It’s easy to see. It costs more to win a new customer than to retain a current customer. Thus your trader may be open to negotiate with you at lower prices:

  • Reduce the package to a more affordable;
  • Give more service for the same price;
  • Reduce the price for your current package (what we like most).

Keep in mind that carriers are constantly launching new products and campaigns for new customers. Often new customers are able to take advantage of the new conditions (this happened to me last week with NOS and the NOS4i campaign with 30MB of internet, where I got a monthly reduction of € 5 keeping the internet I had previously).
Of course, this negotiation could lead to the extension of the loyalty period. However, it seems to us that the level of savings that it could represent should compensate for this loyalty (and nothing prevents us from returning to the load within a few months).

Ultimately, you can always research your competitor’s offer and use competitive pricing as a lever in your trading. Have you never heard the experiences of people who say they are going to switch to the competition and who is soon offered an “exclusive promotion”?

Good Finance Continues Very Aggressive

Good Finance Continues Very Aggressive

If you can not reduce the price of your service through negotiation (which I doubt) I suggest you know the Good Finance offer. This operator continues with very aggressive campaigns for the TV, Internet and Telephone packages (although nobody uses it, we have to stay with it).

Good Finance’s offer consists of a value of 24.90 € per month for two years (yes, it is the time of loyalty which in spite of seeming too long is what is practiced by the market and what allows such a competitive price).

If we look at the rest of the competition, there is no value that approaches the value of Good Finance for 24 months. Good Finance has the best price / service ratio.

Which limits access to this campaign to some people

Which limits access to this campaign to some people

Unfortunately, Good Finance is not covered in some areas of the country, which limits access to this campaign to some people. Being an embarrassment, we suggest that you check if your area of ​​residence is covered.

One last basic idea that matters in the context of our decision-making process: it makes no sense to pay more than € 30- € 35 for your home telecom service (we speak of TV + NET + VOICE). If you have cell phones associated, this figure jumps to 60 €, despite having much more service (in this context the NOS4i service turns out to be quite interesting).

Give us your opinion. What is the most interesting operator and package? And what strategies do you use to save money every month?

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